Volvo XC90 & XC60 Trailer Hitch: Tow Accessories

A genuine Volvo trailer hitch is a practicality-enhancing accessory that unlocks a new realm of capabilities. It'll let you use your Volvo SUV's powerful towing capacity and carry all the gear your next adventure demands. A Volvo tow hitch is designed to work with your vehicle's sleek body lines to boot.

Learn more below, and contact Quantrell Volvo Cars to order and find installation for your next Volvo trailer hitch.

Why Buy a Genuine Volvo Trailer Hitch?

Ordering a trailer hitch from our catalog of genuine Volvo accessories offers something special. Aftermarket accessory designers have to create a trailer hitch that can fit a wide range of different vehicles; Volvo accessory designers can focus on one vehicle at a time.

The people who design genuine Volvo trailer hitches work with those who designed your Volvo vehicle. You can be confident that you're getting a hitch that will provide a precision fit without the need for headache-inducing modifications. A Volvo trailer hitch offers uniquely-innovative features that the aftermarket alternatives lack.

With style, quality, precision, and distinct functionality, a genuine Volvo trailer hitch enhances every moment of your towing experience.

Volvo XC60 Trailer Hitch Options

A genuine Volvo XC60 trailer hitch is a foldable trailer hitch. This unique hitch is something that other SUVs typically won't offer, and it goes the extra mile to make towing easier while preserving the sleek body lines of your Volvo XC60.

It retracts under your Volvo XC60 SUV's rear bumper when you're done towing and folds back out with the push of a button. However, there are a few options to explore as you search for your perfect Volvo trailer hitch.

To do so, you'll need to keep in mind the configuration of your Volvo XC60, as the four Volvo XC60 tow hitch options are designed for use with certain exterior and mechanical features.

The first thing to note when browsing the Volvo folding trailer hitch selection is whether your Volvo XC60 is equipped with the optional exterior styling kit. Two of these trailer hitches will be able to be installed with said kit's skid plate and dual-tailpipe bumper, while the other two will not.

The other aspect is whether your Volvo XC60 has the available air suspension system; this cloud-like suspension will also affect the required Volvo trailer hitch layout.

You will also need to order the trailer hitch ball accessory to get towing, but once you do, a new world of stylish gear-hauling awaits.

Volvo XC60 Trailer Hitch Options
Volvo XC90 Trailer Hitch Options

Volvo XC90 Trailer Hitch Options

The Volvo XC90 trailer hitch options available at our premier Volvo dealer in Lexington have similar folding functions and nuances to the Volvo XC60 options. However, there are only two options; the determining factor is whether your Volvo XC90 has the available air suspension system.

Like the Volvo XC60 tow hitch options, you'll also need to order a trailer hitch ball to use it.

How to Use Your Volvo Folding Trailer Hitch

To stay safe, please do not stand near the center of your Volvo SUV's bumper while using the folding function, ensure the hitch is secured before driving, and do not kick the hitch. Our Volvo parts specialists can give you a walkthrough once it's installed, but here are some at-a-glance instructions for folding out your Volvo trailer hitch:

  • Find the button with a tow-hitch diagram in the cargo area of your Volvo SUV
  • Press this button once - the tow hitch will begin to fold outwards
  • The button will flash once it is unfolded
  • Push the tow hitch upwards to lock it into place
  • The button will stay illuminated if locking is successful

To retract the folding Volvo trailer hitch, use the following procedure:

  • Press the tow-hitch button to unlock the hitch
  • The button will flash once it is unlocked
  • Push the tow hitch downwards
  • The button will stay illuminated if locking is successful

Whether retracted or extended, trailer hitches with this folding feature make the added practicality even more enjoyable.

Add a Volvo Bike Rack to Your Vehicle

Bring your bike along on your next adventure when you add a Volvo bike rack to your vehicle. Our team knows wedging a bike into your back seat or cargo space can be frustrating, messy, and hard to accomplish in some vehicle models. Save yourself the trouble and add a bike rack to the exterior of your SUV.

Get the Right Bike Rack for Your Volvo Vehicle

Get the Right Bike Rack for Your Volvo Vehicle

Installing a Volvo OEM bike rack makes taking your bicycle to your favorite trail simple and convenient. Load your bike onto the rear or roof of your vehicle, depending on the rack you choose. Find the right Volvo XC90 bike rack or Volvo XC60 bike rack before heading out on the trails in Lexington, KY, and beyond.

There are four Volvo bike racks you can check out. The aluminum bike holder with a frame racket sits on top of your Volvo vehicle. Secure your bike with the attachments and safely get your bike to your destination. The FIX4BIKE folding bike rack for two bicycles lets you bring a friend along and store two bikes safely on the rear of your Volvo. When you don't need to use the rack, it conveniently folds down, freeing space behind your Volvo again.

There is also a three- and four-bike option. No one has to be left behind when you want to go on that family biking trip. There is also a three- and four-bike holder without FIX4BIKE if you prefer. Whichever you choose, you can have confidence knowing you are transporting your bicycles safely, securely, and without inconveniencing your passengers or yourself.

Shop for Volvo Accessories in Lexington, KY

Adding something extra to your car can make driving a Volvo more exciting than ever. Go on that camping adventure or hit the trails with a new bike rack approved by Volvo Cars to enhance their already impressive lineup. We also have several other unique Volvo accessories that you can discover with the help of our dealership. Learn more about the accessories you need and connect with our team for professional installation of your new parts.

At our dealership, we make getting new accessories for your Volvo easy. Visit us to order a Volvo bike rack or explore the other parts you may like. Our team knows all about Volvo accessories and looks forward to helping you add even more convenience to your Volvo driving experience.

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