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If you want to sell a car online, you'll want to get as much money for your vehicle as possible while protecting yourself from litigation. A lot of people try to sell a car online, hoping for the best outcome, but it seldom works that way. On this information page, we'll show you the pros and cons of trying to sell a car online yourself. Then we'll show you that the best way to sell a car online might just be to sell your car to our dealership. First things first, check out our used cars for sale, and see if you want to trade your car in and save the time & hassle.

So You Wanna Sell a Car Online, Huh?

Usually, people try to sell a car online out of financial interest. Maybe they've gotten lowball offers someplace. Maybe they've seen other sellers do well with like-vehicles. In all honesty, you might get lucky, too. But more times than not, we'll hear horror stories from our customers where the online buyer has either:

  • Called non-stop for help with repairs
  • Failed to register the vehicle, exposing them to legal liability
  • Returned to their homes for various (and sometimes creepy) reasons
  • Sued for damages

If you think you're protected by selling a car with "as-is" written in the bill of sale, guess again. Anyone can sue you for any reason. It's a right we all enjoy as Americans. Sure the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. But imagine having to go to court, missing work, having the legal action available in public records, and potentially having to pay out of pocket in the end! And in case you're wondering, no, you cannot skip a summons. This may result in a default judgment against you because you didn't appear. Then you automatically owe them whatever they're asking! For the customers we've seen suffer from all this, trying to sell a car online is just a waste.

But Please! Help Me Sell My Car!

Ok. So if you're going to go for it anyway, here are a few common best practices that you're going to want to implement:

  • Remove any personal effects from your vehicle and take about 20 clear pictures
  • Find your title
  • Make copies of any maintenance or inspection records that you might have
  • Describe your vehicle illustrating the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Get legal help producing an appropriate bill of sale
  • Only show your vehicle if you feel safe
  • Make contact with the buyer before you show

Sell locally in Lexington, Kentucky. This will save you the added hardship of meeting a potential buyer someplace a little too far from home. Lead with good faith, and bring someone along for support if necessary.

Maybe Take Door Number Three

Have you looked at our new cars for sale? Your current vehicle can help cover so many costs like down payment, tax credits, DMV fees, and more. Let's say your trade is worth $3,000. It's actually worth more than its "trade" amount. There's some added value when your current car also knocks down the taxable retail amount of your next purchase or lease while saving you time and money with registration costs. So go ahead and get after that beautiful new car you've been wanting and let your trusty old friend make life that much easier.

Or Sell Your Car Online To Us!

Here at Quantrell Volvo Cars, your new car dealer near Louisville, we want your car-buying life to be easy - even if that means you don't buy one from us. Give us a call or drop one of our sales specialists an email. With just a few basic questions, we can accurately determine a fair value for your vehicle. Purchase it from you. And let you off the hook without any further liability. We're all about Quantrell for life - even if that means just making life a little easier for you!

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