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A Volvo roof box is a cargo carrier with a difference. They expand the capabilities of your already-practical Volvo vehicle, but that's evident enough. What you'll find with these sleek storage solutions is a focus on the same premium construction, confidence-inspiring security, attractive style, and excellent efficiency as your Volvo vehicle was designed with. They're a seamless blend of luxury and utility and a standout accessory that will enhance every drive you take.

At our dealership, we're proud to serve your Volvo vehicle needs with a smile. We're your source for genuine Volvo accessories and your premier Volvo dealer near Louisville for trusted installation. Find your roof box today, and stop by to get it all set up.

The Benefits of a Volvo Roof Box

When you purchase a roof box from our genuine Volvo accessories catalog, you won't find a one-size-fits-all solution. It's one tailored to your vehicle. A perfect fit joins the premium construction, but the benefits of a roof box get even more attractive than that. So, why choose a roof box? Let's take a look:

Expanded Cargo Space

The other Volvo rooftop cargo carrier options are great but are often made for specific situations like carrying a set of skis or a bike. With a roof box, you essentially get a rooftop-mounted trunk. It provides enclosed cargo space, rather than offering you a solution to a specific need; it accommodates an all-encompassing range of cargo types, from groceries to adventure gear. Typically, you'll get up to 17 cubic feet of extra cargo capacity — that's more than the trunk space of a 2022 Volvo S60.

Aerodynamic Efficiency

Take a look at the available roof box options, and you'll notice a teardrop-like shape. That shape is for a reason, as they're designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind — just like your Volvo vehicle. Thanks to this, they cut down wind noise and help maintain the fuel-sipping efficiency your Volvo vehicle offers. Certain options take this further. For example, the Odin 1750 roof box is crafted with a textured Aero Skin lid that enhances aerodynamic efficiency.

Security and Durability

A Volvo roof box isn't just a sleek shell. It's crafted from durable materials, with premium construction and finishes that inspire as much confidence as your Volvo vehicle does. You can find secure locking systems for theft protection, anti-slip protection for stable storage, and high-quality mounting systems for peace of mind at all times.

Style Points

A Volvo roof box adds an extra dose of style to your ride. With their teardrop shape as sleek as the body lines of your Volvo vehicle, you'll stand out while standing tall with great cargo capabilities. Certain options also have integrated LED lights for a modern look and premium exterior finishes like high-gloss paint.

Your Volvo Roof Box Options

We're proud to offer you three great choices:

Sport Time 2003

A value-packed choice for your road trip needs, the Sport Time 2003 is a great functional option for SUVs and will stand proud as your Volvo XC40 roof box. A sunken-base design integrates it with your vehicle's shape, a grip-claw system keeps it centered and secured, and a unique Dual Force spring-opening system makes loading and unloading cargo easy.

  • Cargo volume: 14 cubic feet
  • Maximum load: 110 pounds

Odin 1750

A stylish option for your active lifestyle or weekend adventures, the Odin 1750 offers a premium touch. Whether it becomes your Volvo XC90 or Volvo XC60 roof box, you'll enjoy features like lowered wind noise and efficiency-impact thanks to an Aero Skin lid. A quick-grip mounting system keeps it stable, and a Secure Lock system ensures no locking mishaps occur.

  • Cargo volume: 17 cubic feet
  • Maximum load: N/A

Volvo Cars' Self-Designed Premium Roof Box

Trust those who designed your vehicle to design the perfect roof box for her. Use it as your Volvo XC90 roof box, and the vacuum-shaped ABS construction will enhance her looks with a sporty and beautiful touch. Load it with ease day or night; a special LED lighting system in the cover provides ample illumination. This premium cargo carrier is ready for all your storage needs with high-gloss paint, anti-slip protection, and stable mounting.

  • Cargo volume: 15 cubic feet
  • Maximum load: 150 pounds

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All your Volvo rooftop cargo box needs are solved with us. Find your perfect cargo solution in our accessories catalog, place your order today, and stop by for installation with a smile.

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