Volvo 3-Point Seat Belt Invention

Volvo 3-Point Seat Belt Invention

The Volvo three-point seat belt invention was one of the most critical developments in the history of automobiles writ large. They have saved untold numbers of lives because they are so much safer than the other seat belt options that came before them. This page discusses the history of the three-point seat belt, its advantages compared to other safety devices, and the first car to feature one. We'll also explain how the design spread as quickly as it did.

Did Volvo Cars Make the Three-Point Seat Belt?

Volvo Cars has been dedicated to the safety of its customers since the company's inception. In the mid-20th century, a two-point seatbelt was found on many vehicles, including Volvo models. Some were lap belts, and others were diagonal. This latter design was problematic, as the buckle rested at the height of a car occupant's ribcage. During a collision, the buckle could actually damage organs as opposed to protecting the user.

Volvo Cars recruited an engineer named Nils Bohlin to develop a safer seat belt. Bohlin had a background in aircraft engineering, making him a ready fit for the automotive field. He realized that both the upper and lower body had to be strapped in place and that the anchor point should be lower than it was on the current two-point design. Thus, the Volvo three-point seat belt invention was born.

Why Is the 3-Point Seatbelt Better?

Bohlin identified four things that make the three-point seatbelt ideal. The first is that it needs to include both a hip belt and a diagonal strap across the body. Second, it must be properly placed so that the stress of a collision does not cause the seatbelt to damage the wearer. Third, the belts should combine in a "V" shape that points down toward the floor. Finally, the belt has to stay firmly in position and not shift.

These principles combine to form a patent that has been described by German patent registrars as being one of the eight most important patents filed from 1885 to 1985. Found in every one of our new Volvo SUVs for sale, the Volvo three-point seat belt invention will help you stay safe in the event that the worst occurs. The system secures your body in place without any bulky buckles that damage the body.

Volvo Cars is so dedicated to safety that the company made Bohlins' patent available to every other automotive manufacturer. Instead of leveraging Bohlins' work for success in business, as some companies likely would have, Volvo Cars went above and beyond in the name of human advancement. Now, when you mention this to your friends, and they ask, "Did Volvo make the three-point seat belt?" you can explain that the company did – and then gave it away.

What Was the First Car With a 3-Point Seat Belt?

Volvo Cars introduced the three-point seat belt to the automotive market in 1959. The Volvo Amazon and Volvo PV 544 were both introduced to Nordic markets in this year with the new seat belt design. It was initially met with some skepticism by wary consumers, but Volvo Cars continued to push ahead. By 1963, every Volvo vehicle rolling off the assembly line was equipped with a three-point seatbelt. Since then, the Volvo three-point seat belt invention has become the worldwide standard.

If you purchase a new Volvo XC60 or another car from the Volvo lineup, you'll enjoy a wide range of safety features that have come into being since the development of the Volvo three-point seat belt invention. Every new Volvo vehicle, from the luxury three-row Volvo XC90 to the sleek Volvo S60 sedan, comes with lane-keeping assistance, forward collision warnings, automated emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alerts.

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