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Volvo Infotainment System
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The new Volvo infotainment system is innovative and easy to use. The Swedish company has partnered with Google™ and Epic Games to produce this current version of the software and upgrade the next one, respectively.

The new Google™ features of the Volvo software will allow you to control music, navigation, and more without taking your hands off the wheel. This article is going to delve into the advanced functionality of the Volvo Google™ infotainment system and the partnership between Volvo Cars and Epic Games.

Volvo Infotainment System: Music

New Volvo vehicles come equipped with Volvo Android Auto™ and Volvo Apple Carplay® capability. These two software programs allow you to connect your smartphone to the car to handle music and navigation from your personal device.

Where the Volvo infotainment system really stands out is in its Google™ capability. You can simply say, "Hey Google, please play my jazz playlist," and the onboard software will take care of it. No need to take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road to get the music you want playing over the premium Harmon Kardon® or Bowers & Wilkins® sound system you'll find in your new Volvo vehicle.

Volvo Infotainment System: Navigation

The Volvo XC60 infotainment system is an excellent example of the connectivity that Volvo offers. This premium SUV allows you to control navigation directly from your cell phone, whether an iPhone® or an Android™ device. You can also use the onboard Google™ system with just your voice to get directions. Simply say, "Hey Google, take me home," or "Hey Google, navigate to my favorite pizza place on Monroe Avenue."

The new Volvo infotainment system offers incredible functionality that enhances the comfortable interior of every Volvo vehicle. If you're interested in experiencing this system for yourself, reach out to us to test drive one of our new Volvo SUVs for sale.

Music and navigation are not the only ways you can use your vehicle's new Volvo Google™ infotainment system. You can ask it to change the temperature settings in the car, control any smart devices on your network - including the smart lights in your house, even if you're far away - or use Google Assistant™ features like your shopping list.

The Future of Volvo Infotainment

Volvo Cars recently announced that it has partnered with Epic Games, the company behind the hit video game Fortnite, to improve its Volvo infotainment system further. While the duo of companies has no plans to allow you to play Fortnite with your vehicle's touchscreen, they have promised to make the graphics and responsiveness of the system even more impressive. We are excited to see how the Volvo Google™ infotainment system evolves in the future.

If you want to experience the new Volvo XC90 infotainment system, come visit your new favorite local Volvo dealer in Kentucky. We carry a wide range of new and used vehicles and offer friendly customer service. Our finance team works hard to try and secure you the low-rate financing deal you deserve on a new Volvo vehicle or one of our affordable used cars. Call us to arrange your Volvo test drive today.


Who makes the Volvo infotainment system?

Volvo Cars has designed its own infotainment system so that it can be perfectly integrated into each vehicle. They partnered with Google™ to help integrate their software into the Volvo infotainment system and with Epic Games to further enhance their software moving forward.

Can I upgrade my Volvo infotainment system?

You can connect your car to the internet to allow software updates pushed out by Volvo Cars. This may improve your vehicle's connectivity and infotainment options and is easy to do. Simply open the Volvo Cars app, and you'll be able to allow updates.

Do Volvo vehicles have Android Auto™?

Volvo Cars has integrated Android Auto™ capability into their infotainment software. You'll be able to pair your Android™ phone directly to your car to access your music and navigation options through the car's infotainment system.

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