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The Volvo V70 has come and gone, but if you're a sucker for all things classic cars, then you'll want to tune in to what we're about to say. We're not just any Volvo dealer near Louisville; we are the Volvo dealer near Louisville that can actually get you one of these classic wagons. We're not kidding. Maybe you're not yet a classic Volvo vehicle aficionado. Maybe you're just getting into the shallow end of the classic-car pool. If that's the case, this is a great place to start (and we're a great dealership to start with). Learn more about this classic model below, and when you've finally been convinced, we'll be waiting to hear from you.

Three Generations of Greatness

The Volvo V60 was manufactured from 1996 to 2016 (2011 for North America) throughout three different generations. Below, we'll take a dive into what drivers saw from each generation – what you may end up getting if you come to us to get one of these classic used Volvo wagons for sale.

Generation One: 1996–2000

The first generation of Volvo V70 was a massive success, and she saw around a dozen unique configurations across her four-year span. One of the most powerful models was the Volvo V70 R AWD from 2000. She was reported to get up to 261 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. In fact, most of the Volvo V70 AWD models across all generations saw increased power and performance over their non-AWD counterparts.

The first generation also offered a diesel option: the Volvo V70 2.5 D, which would be a precursor for the later, more powerful D5 variant.

Generation Two: 2000–2017

The second generation saw similarly impressive power and an increased range of trim options over the first generation. In 2005, a minor facelift also graced the Volvo V70, changing up the look of the headlamps and taillamps as well as other front-end components.

The Volvo V70 also received a bedmate in this generation: the Volvo V70 XC (which would later be rebranded as the XC70). She made AWD standard and offered a raised suspension and a slightly reworked body style. This generation also saw the Ocean Race Edition for the 2002 model year. This model was unique, as she received a special blue exterior color, Ocean Race floor mats, and silver exterior trims and roof rails. The special edition was brought back again for 2005–2006.

The very popular Volvo V70 D5 and D5 AWD diesel engine was introduced in 2005 and continued on until the end of the Volvo V70 model's production in 2016.

Generation Three: 2008–2016

The third generation saw another facelift, which took some design inspiration from the Volvo S80. This facelift came in tandem with a subtle re-design, allowing for more legroom, an updated tailgate design, and increased cargo volume.

2009 saw the announcement of electric power to the lineup with the Volvo V70 Plug-In Hybrid, which was a huge leap forward for Volvo Cars. One of the most powerful engines yet, the T6 AWD, was added on, and from model years 2011 to 2016, the Volvo V70 could reach up to 300 horsepower. In 2011, however, production of the Volvo V70 was stopped in North America and replaced by the production of the Volvo XC70, instead. This paved the way for future XC marques, like the Volvo XC90 for sale, to fill those big shoes.

What's in a Name?

The Volvo V70 was an incredibly popular model, seeing peak success in the early years as she filled a hole in the Volvo vehicle lineup left by the termination of the 200, 700, and 850 series models. But what's in a name? It's simple, really. The "V" in V70 denotes versatility, which is the perfect summation of this model. The "70" is in reference to the platform size, and it quickly and easily tells you that this model is, for example, larger than the likes of the V40 while also being smaller than the V90. She gave drivers everything they wanted from the midsize segment, which would become one of Volvo Cars's most popular segments thanks to this wagon.


Is the Volvo V70 a good car?

We would certainly say so! She has an incredibly powerful engine on every model that provides a smooth drive without creating excessive cabin noise. The Volvo V70 is also reliable, stylish, and comfortable to ride in.

When did Volvo stop making the V70?

2016 was the last model year of the Volvo V70 completely. She had been in production since 1996. However, 2012 was the last model year of the Volvo V70 in North America. The Volvo V70 had a great run, but the future was calling, and the Volvo V70 was put out to pasture for newer generations to take a step into the spotlight.

What is the best year of Volvo V70 to buy?

We'd say that's a toss up between the 2004 and 2005 model years of the Volvo V70. Each of these model years saw major advancements in engineering, adding on more impressive power than any Volvo vehicle had seen prior as well as giving the model an upgraded appearance in 2005.

How many miles will a Volvo V70 last?

Remember when we said the Volvo V70 was reliable? We weren't kidding. As long as the vehicle has received proper maintenance on a routine schedule, you can expect your Volvo V70 to last well over 200,000 miles. Don't skimp on the small repairs, and keep her in ship shape at all times to increase her lifespan!

Get a Volvo V70 From Us

The Volvo V70 had an exciting lifespan. Even though new production is over, you don't have to be despondent because we can help you get into one. If this sounds like the classic model for you, give us a call and tell us you're interested. Once we know you want one, we'll do our part of going and securing the perfect Volvo V70 and bringing her back to you to drive home. So, give us a call today so you can get into a classic Volvo V70 soon!

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