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Volvo Cars has done it again with their Volvo car subscription. It isn't enough that they create amazing vehicles with a plethora of tech and safety features. It isn't enough that they are leading the automotive industry into a greener age. They are always striving to be bigger, better, and greater than just a car manufacturer. That's why they created the Volvo subscription service. What could be better than a Volvo vehicle? How about being able to experience them all when you want to without having to buy each and every one?

The Volvo Car subscription makes car ownership exciting and gives people the freedom to discover new drives. You can get in on the program right here in Lexington; keep reading to find out how!

Care by Volvo

If you're familiar with Volvo Cars, you've probably heard the term Care by Volvo before. When we mention a Volvo car subscription, this is the program we're talking about. Volvo Cars likes to call it "the modern way to lease a car." Remember when you used to have to rent DVDs from an in-person shop like Blockbuster? The Volvo car subscription is a lot like that but with vehicles. You pay one monthly payment, similar to a lease, but you can cancel your subscription for a particular car after just four months if you want to hop into something else.1

More on that later. For now, let's go into more detail about how the program works as a whole.

How Does It Work?

As we mentioned, the Care by Volvo car subscription is pretty easy and straightforward. Overall, the entire process can be parsed down into just four easy steps:

  1. Make your choice. You can choose the model you want from any of the new Volvo cars for sale and style it exactly how you like. Choose the body color, interior design, and add on any features you wish.

  2. We'll confirm your eligibility. Volvo Cars will check your insurance and credit to make sure you are eligible for the program.

  3. Your car is delivered. Once your eligibility is confirmed and your car is made, someone will get in touch with you to schedule a delivery date for your vehicle! This usually happens within the span of about two weeks.

  4. Enjoy the drive. Our Volvo car subscription has incredibly flexible terms, giving you the freedom to make the most of your experience.

Volvo car subscriptions last for 24 months, and the monthly payments are all-inclusive. So, you're covered for factory scheduled maintenance, insurance, excessive wear, and road hazard tire & wheel protection. So, any regular maintenance or general wear items will be given to you complimentary in your Volvo car subscription. This includes brake pads, rotors, and even wiper blades! At the end of your subscription, even if you end up canceling it early, you will simply return your vehicle to an authorized Volvo retailer, like our Volvo dealership near Louisville!

If you have fallen in love with your vehicle during your subscription, you can also buy it. When you go to sign your subscription contract, the purchase price will be listed, so you know precisely what the cost will be beforehand.


Do you have more questions? Well, we have more answers for you! Check below to see what's what with some of our most frequently asked questions about the Volvo car subscription.

What is the Volvo car subscription?

Care by Volvo, or the Volvo car subscription, is a 24-month program that is similar to a lease. With it, you can pay one monthly fee, and that fee covers maintenance, insurance, and more. At the end, you can turn it in and get a new vehicle subscription or buy the car if you like.

Does the Volvo subscription include insurance?

Yes! Your monthly Volvo car subscription payment doesn't just include maintenance and wear items, but it also includes insurance for the model you choose. It is an all-encompassing payment.

How much does a Volvo subscription cost?

Different models will come with different price tags. Additionally, the accessories and options you choose may cause a change in price. However, you can subscribe to the new Volvo S60 or new Volvo XC40 for as little as $650 per month. If you want the larger Volvo XC90, you can expect to pay as little as $750. When looking at maintenance costs and insurance, this is an incredible monthly price for a brand new vehicle.

Tell Us What You Think

You can contact us today if the Volvo car subscription sounds like the program for you! If you've already taken part in the Volvo car subscription, we invite you to call us and leave a Volvo subscription review. We love hearing from loyal Volvo vehicle drivers, and we want to do everything we can to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

1Contracts entered into the state of Illinois, will be eligible for cancellation after 12 months.

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