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Care By Volvo Subscription Near Louisville, KY

A Care by Volvo subscription is a new way to lease a car or SUV from Quantrell Volvo Cars. We modernize the process by allowing you to subscribe online, then pick up your vehicle within two weeks from our dealership.

You probably have questions about the Volvo subscription service, including "how much is the Volvo car subscription?" The Care by Volvo subscription is the modern way to lease a car because there are no long-term commitments, and you get one easy monthly payment that includes maintenance, insurance, and lease fees.

If you're deciding between the new Volvo S60 sedan vs. XC60 SUV, a Care by Volvo subscription means you don't have to make a long-term decision. Drive the S60 for a few months. See how it looks in your driveway. Then exchange it for an XC60 and see which car suits your family and lifestyle the best.

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What you get with your subscription

Care by Volvo subscriptions are designed to make your life
simpler, so you can focus on the road ahead.
Benefits include:

Monthly Payment
Insurance Coverage
Flexible Subscription Term
1,250 Monthly Mileage
Factory Scheduled Maintenance
Excess Wear Protection
Tire and Wheel Protection
Roadside Assistance

1. Select your vehicle

Browse our eligible
Care by Volvo inventory.

2. Check Availability

Confirm that you qualify
for insurance and credit.

3. Take Delivery

Schedule your preferred
delivery date.

4. Enjoy your new Volvo!

Our flexible subscription allows you to upgrade
or cancel any time after 5 months.

Car Subscription Services: Volvo Cars vs. OEM

When you sign up for a Care by Volvo car subscription, you are giving yourself the gift of flexibility. The Care by Volvo Program differs from a lease as you have the opportunity to cancel anytime after five months. Whether you want something to pass the time while you wait for a new model release or prefer to change things up, this subscription is for you.

You can sign up for a Care by Volvo subscription near Louisville, KY, in a few easy steps. Select your model, submit an insurance and credit application, choose a delivery date, then drive the model for 24 months or until you decide to cancel your subscription. The Volvo subscription service is flexible, so as long as you meet the timeline in your contract, you can return your subscription vehicle and re-qualify for a new subscription delivery.

Care by Volvo Cost

When it comes to the Care by Volvo cost, several items are included in one convenient monthly payment. The Volvo subscription fee consists of the vehicle, all factory scheduled maintenance, various protections, and your auto insurance premium. That's right, Care by Volvo insurance is part of your one monthly fee.

With a Care by Volvo subscription from our Volvo dealer in Lexington, you can cancel all those auto-debits and focus on one monthly payment. There's no additional charge if you need an oil change, new wiper blades, or brake pads. Wear items are included with factory schedule maintenance services every 10,000 miles. If you end your subscription before the fifth scheduled payment, there is a Care by Volvo early termination fee.

Here is everything included in your Care by Volvo car subscription:

  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • 1,250 miles per month
  • Excess wear protection
  • Road hazard tire and wheel protection
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Vehicle payment
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Gap insurance

Eligibility is primarily determined using the Care by Volvo credit score requirements and several risk factors. The subscription seeks to protect you in any way it can by providing gap insurance in the event of a total loss and protection plans for excessive wear and tear.

How Much Is the Volvo Car Subscription?

The cost of your Care by Volvo car subscription depends on the model you choose, the insurance policy we can provide you through Liberty Mutual Insurance, and the taxes and registration fees, which can differ by state. The Care by Volvo subscription fee includes a mileage allotment of 1,250 miles per month, but additional mileage can not be purchased. You will owe an extra 25 cents per mile for every mile you go over when you end your subscription.

Sign Up for a Care by Volvo Car Subscription at Quantrell Volvo Cars

Are you ready to take the leap and sign up for a Volvo XC90 subscription? We can help you start your Volvo subscription service and find the model that fits your needs.

Appreciate the joy of managing only a single monthly payment and the flexibility to cancel on your terms. Volvo Care helps you drive away in a new Volvo Cars sedan or SUV from Quantrell Volvo Cars and move into the future of leasing with a Care by Volvo Subscription in Lexington, KY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Care by Volvo require a credit check?

Yes, part of the Care by Volvo subscription program eligibility requirements include a credit check. If you would like to share a Volvo Care subscription with another family member, both of you will need to meet the credit requirements. A valid U.S. driver's license is also required to sign up for a Volvo Care subscription.

What does Care by Volvo subscription include?

Your Care by Volvo car subscription rolls everything into a single monthly payment, and these items are included in the cost:

  • 1,250 miles per month
  • Factory scheduled maintenance
  • Vehicle payment
  • Excess wear protection
  • Gap insurance
  • Road hazard tire and wheel protection
  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

Every 10,000 miles, factory scheduled maintenance services — including new wiper blades and brake service — are free. Protection is also provided for up to $1,000 of excessive wear upon her return. You even have access to unlimited tires and wheels due to damage caused by road hazards.

Can I purchase additional mileage with Care by Volvo?

No, you cannot purchase additional mileage for your Care by Volvo cars subscription. However, you are allotted 1,250 miles per month, which comes out to 15,000 miles per year (as long as you don't cancel your subscription early). If you go over this monthly allotment, you will be charged 25 cents per mile upon returning your vehicle at the end of your subscription. It does give you the option to go over, as long as you are prepared to pay this extra amount.

What is the difference between a Care by Volvo subscription and a traditional car lease?

Several differences exist between a traditional car lease and a Care by Volvo cars subscription. For instance, your lease usually locks you into a contract for 24 to 36 months, but you can cancel your Volvo Care subscription anytime after five months. Also, your lease only includes your monthly vehicle payment, while a Volvo Cars subscription bundles insurance, extra protection plans, maintenance, and the vehicle's price.

Can I cancel my subscription early?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Although, if you want to avoid early termination charges, you need to wait until after your fifth scheduled payment before canceling.

What insurance do you get with Care by Volvo?

The Care by Volvo program includes comprehensive coverage from Liberty Mutual Insurance. All insurance documents will be delivered when you receive your Volvo subscription vehicle. There is a $500 insurance deductible in the event you need to file a claim. Gap insurance is also included in the event of a total loss. Various coverages, limits, and driver eligibility all vary by state-specific fees and rules.

Quantrell Volvo Cars - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

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